Grace in every moment

(from the heart of Nikki Rankin) 


As I sit and watch all the Christmas programs, movies, and lights, I feel the excitement and the anticipation of the Christmas season.  Christmas does not feel like a day in December to celebrate, but rather, a month long event.

A month long event filled that is filled with many many moments. Moments that we live. Moments that form us. For me, when I focus so much on the “big event” of Christmas, I miss the significant moments that make up those events.   Moments are important, and sometimes I minimize them when I get caught up in the shopping, planning, traveling, decorating, bills, and even the giving of the season.

In the month of December we have 44,640 minutes or 2,678,400 seconds… moments. What we do with and how we respond in all of these little moments will shape what our focus will be in this Christmas season.  Jesus, Emmanuel, God with us. He came to this earth to make us the place that he dwells. He came to be with us in every moment of our lives. For 2,678,400 grace filled seconds this month, God will be with you.

December distractions can become holy moments when we find the Christ Child in our midst. Take a look at some of December’s demanding activities with new eyes, eyes that fully expect to find God in every moment of this season of hope.

Take some time now to think about the moments you have had so far this season. Do you remember the good… the bad? Did you see His grace in the midst of it? Did you recognize the moment that he desired to change you into His likeness? Pray for all that He has already done in the moments of this season, and for awareness of what He will do. My prayer is that we see the significance of the little moments and enjoy the grace that meets us there.


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