Be Still

(From the heart of Deborah Hall)


Be still and know that I am God – Ps. 46:10

I am finding as I let this verse completely sink in to my whole being that it overwhelms me. There is so much in those few little words. For me it says it all. He is my absolute Everything. I have often asked the Lord, “Would you give me new words that could express what I feel for You?” The words “I love you” don’t even begin to express what I feel. Telling Him He is my Everything is too simple. But since that is all I have, I tell Him day and night. I want every breath I take to exhale the love He has just breathed into me. I am His. This love is so deep, so incredible, that I never thought or even imagined it was possible. Jesus, lover of my soul, I love you forever.

He is showing me that this verse is really my awakening verse. When He awakened true love in me, I fell completely in love with Him. It all began in submission and being still and admitting He is God and I am not. It is total surrender to my creator to do whatever needs to be done to make me worthy to be part of His bride. I embrace the correction and the refining and the cutting away; painful as it is, I love it because I know He is answering my prayer.

All of this comes from being still and knowing He is God. There is so much Mercy and Grace and Love in those words. To me when I read this, it is like a little Love Song to me. “Shhhhh darling, sweetheart, it is ok, I am God.”

Wow, even now I still can’t express what that means to me. The most High God loves to sit with me and hold me close.

Part of the sacrifice I am called to do is to get up in the night. Ohhh the sweetness of this sacrifice. I am incredibly tired but 2 am seems to be my call. I get up and sit on the love seat in the living room in the dark and tell Him, “Here I am Jesus. I am here for You. I am here with no request. I am here to sit with You. I am here to listen to whatever is on Your heart and if You have nothing to say then I will just sit and be still to keep You company in the night.” Oh, to just sit and be still with my Savior and my

Friendship is something I never want to trade for busyness. I have plenty of things to do, but whenever I feel Him call my name, I try to let go of whatever I have planned and just go sit with Him.

Looking back I see now the longing in my heart was to just be with Him. For all the years in the future I want to be found sitting with Him, trusting Him as my Lover, Friend, Savior, King, Father, Comforter, Provider…. My Everything

In this holiday season I will sing Silent Night. It is like a tender song of worship and stillness and of standing in awe…

Silent night, Holy night,

Son of God, Love’s pure Light,

Radiant beams from Thy Holy Face,

With the dawn of Redeeming Grace,

Jesus Lord at thy birth

Jesus Lord at thy birth


Jesus, I choose You and to sit with You. I will be still, even in this busy season, and remember You are God.


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