Real love

(From the heart of Jessica Heaston)


Real Love…

I wake up and hear the lover of my soul beckoning me to come away to the secret place with Him. I look to see the time, 4:59 AM. Really? My spirit is so willing, but my flesh is so weak. I peal myself out of my warm, cozy bed, grab my Bible and journal and I go downstairs to our meeting place.

The struggle is real.

How many times I ignore His call to stay in the comfort of my bed and slumber. I miss the blessing of His presence for an hour or two of restless sleep. I wonder how many missed the awe and wonder of his presence coming into the world on the night he was born. The innkeeper, other shepherds who ignored the stars leading because they too were tired and weary? I don’t want to miss out on his presence any longer.

He knows.

He knows how my heart longs to spend hours with Him, but this season of life makes it virtually impossible to ever capture a moment during the daylight hours to spend together. So… He awakens me before the troops arise so that I can hear Him more clearly.

Real love costs us something. It may cost sleep or money. It may cost time or energy. Are we willing to be spent for Jesus?

I feel the gentle wooing of the lover of my soul. “Come away with me…” It’s just a whisper, an invitation. Will I accept, or continue in the busyness of life?

So much grace and mercy.

My heart is burning and longing to draw closer. He’s beckoning, “Come away with me, my bride.”

No fear, no condemnation.

Draw me close to you, Lord.

So close that your love,

Real Love,

Love that is patient and kind,

That does not envy or boast,

Love that is not proud or dishonoring to others,

That is not self seeking or easily angered,

And that keeps no record of wrongs,

A love that does not delight in evil, but rejoices with the truth,

Real Love that Always protects,

Always Trusts,

Always Hopes,

Always Perseveres.

Real Love… Jesus… Never Fails.

Real love isn’t just a cozy loving feeling. Real love is action. The battle for this love is real.

John 15:13 (msg.) “This is my command: Love one another the way that I loved you. This is the very best way to love. Put your life on the line for your friends. You are my friends when you DO the things I command you.”

Do what I command.



As I go through this advent season, may I not forget who Real Love, the person, is…

Jesus, my Lord.

What He did.

Coming down from heaven as an infant.

Being made low.

His sacrifice of laying down his life.

His rights.

For me.

For you.

This Christmas, May we be love, genuine love to the world, to our friends, neighbors, co-workers, the strangers whose paths we cross everyday, even to the people we are most intimidated by, let us be like Jesus. Oh, that we would know that Real Love through you Jesus and that you would manifest this love through us as we walk through every day life and that in this love you would be glorified.

My challenge to you is to find a quiet space today. Even if just 5 minutes is all you can carve out. He’ll meet you. I promise. He’s calling your name. He’s wooing you to Himself. Soak in some worship music. As you draw closer to the lover of your soul. He’s calling you out to the great unknown. No fear. Action. Take those first steps as He calls you out. Trust Him. Let Love lead. As you soak in His presence, let Love lead.

Now, Go out and be Love to those around you this advent and all year


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